Waterplex WEB A-664

What is Waterplex?

Waterplex is an Ancra Australia owned company who are Australia’s leading provider of rain water tanks, water storage
and liquid containment solutions. Waterplex water storage solutions include:

• steel water tanks up to 30,000 litres
• plastic water tanks up to 46,400 litres
• rainwater harvesting packages and solutions
• underground water tanks   • bladder water tanks
• tank liners   • dam liners and pond liners
• liquid containment (The Liqua Range) and
• spill bunding solutions 

Waterplex sells one of the most extensive ranges of rainwater tanks in Australia so we are bound to have a solution that
suits your requirements. Water tanks are available in a large number of different materials, sizes and shapes.
Our team can help you determine the best solution and provide professional advice on the installation of your water tank
and the broader rain harvesting solution.

Also, our Liqua Range of liquid containment products are second to none.
The Liqua Range is capable of transporting your liquid goods safely, effectively and is economical to your bottom line.

Waterplex WEB B-447
Waterplex WEB C-15

Waterplex WEB D-243
Waterplex WEB E-655