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Our REMS Pipetools are made in Germany and are at the forefront of quality and design. 
REMS TOOLS are proudly distributed by Ancra Australia.

The Pipetools extensive range consists of:

• Assembling   • Pressfitting   • Bending   • Expanding   • Extracting   • Sawing   • Soldering
• Threading   • Vises   • Water Services   • Wrenches   • Roll Grooving   • Cable Machines

Pipetools WEB3A-719-864   Pipetools WEB3B-371-764
Pipetools WEB4A-828   Pipetools WEB4B-301
Pipetools WEB5A-502   Pipetools WEB5B-630
Pipetools WEB6A-280   Pipetools WEB6B-612
Pipetools WEB7A-448   Pipetools WEB7B-789
Pipetools WEB8A-128   Pipetools WEB8B-676
Pipetools WEB9A-520   Pipetools WEB9B-517
Pipetools WEB 10A-772   Pipetools WEB 10B-899
Pipetools WEB 11A-115   Pipetools WEB 11B-790
Pipetools WEB 12A-199