RM560022 - REMS Tiger ANC Pneumatic

Pneumatic Reciprocating Pipe Saw

REMS Tiger ANC pneumatic

Powerful, robust, handy compressed air tool with force transmitting
guide holder for effortless, fast, right-angled sawing everywhere on site,
without a vice. Also for 
universal free-hand sawing. Ideal for use in
e.g. in wet environment. For assembly, dismantling, repair.
Ideal for steel pipes and others. Many materials, e.g. wood, wood with nails,
metal, even stainless steel, cast iron, breeze blocks, plaster boards,
pumice stone, brick

For materials that are difficult to cut, e.g. stainless steel pipes, hard cast iron,
use the REMS Tiger ANC SR 
with electronic stroke speed control.
Saws effortless, fast, right-angle. Force transmitting guide support for 400%
more sawing power. 
Sturdy, square lift rod. Oscillating drive with ANC.
Aggressive orbital action for fast feed forward sawing and long service life of saw
blades. Universal saw blade clamp.



Robust, job site-proven. Slender, handy design. Super light, only 3.8 kg. Can be
used anywhere. Ergonomically shaped front housing grip with slip resistant, heat
insulating protection cover with soft grip, for forceful feed forward during free-hand
sawing. Swivel support shoe for safe guiding of the saw on the material to be
sawn. High sliding silicone gasket protects gear against water and dust. Powerful
pneumatic motor with ample reserve capacity, 1000 W. Stroke speed control
(accelerator switch) 0 to 1,700 rpm. Operating pressure 6 bar, air consumption
≤ 1.6 m³/min. Safety switch with lock.

RM560022 Tiger ANC-708
RM560022 - REMS Tiger ANC Pneumatic
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