REMS E-Push 2

Hand Pressure Testing Pump

REMS E-Push 2 – electric charging and testing.

Powerful, electric pressure testing pump for pressure
and tightness tests of piping systems and receptacles.
Up to 60 bar. With adjustable pressure limiting.
1300 W. Self sucking.


Testing and pressure range p ≤ 6 MPa/60 bar/870 psi

Pumping capacity 6.5 l/min

Water, hydrous solutions, emulsions pH-value of liquids 7 – 10

Temperature of liquids ≤ 60°C

Viscosity of liquids ≤ 1.5 mPa s


Universal use

In sanitary, heating, solar and sprinkler installation, for compressed air, steam and

cooling systems, oil installations, in boiler and pressurised vessel construction.


Robust, compact, light. Weighs only 12 kg. Easy to carry. Wear reduced high

power piston pump. Pressure gauge, damped by filling with glycerine, p ≤ 6 MPa/

60 bar/870 psi. High-pressure hose with fabric ply prevents measurement errors.

Suction hose with suction fi lter. Non-return valve in the suction hose prevents

the suction hose from running empty in standstill times; therefore shorter suction

times. Suction hose and high pressure hose with ½"-connection. Connecting piece

with pressure gauge, p ≤ 6 MPa/60 bar/870 psi, and shut off valve for pressure

and tightness testing also after removal of the high pressure pump, e.g. theft

protection or for use at several testing points, as accessory. Fine scale pressure

gauge, p ≤ 1.6 MPa/

16 bar/232 psi, for reading a pressure change of 0.01 MPa/0,1 bar/1.45 psi for

tightness testing according to DIN 1988, as accessory.

High power piston pump

Self-sucking high power piston pump running in a sealed oil bath with wear reduced

pressure piston in stainless steel. Proven, powerful capacitor motor, 1300 W,

very powerful and fast. High pumping capacity of 6.5 l/min. Pressure and tightness

testing up to 6 MPa/60 bar/870 psi.

Adjustable pressure limiting

Pressure limiting in 6 stages, 1 – 6 MPa/10 – 60 bar/145 – 870 psi, adjustable to the

necessary pressure in the pipe system/tank.

REMS E-Push 2
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