HYDRO Swing Sets

HYDRO Swing Sets

HYDRO Swing Sets

Oil Hydraulic Hand Pipe Bender

Effort-saving, oil-hydraulic hand pipe bender for
dimensionally accurate bending of pipes up to 90°.

Ideal for on-site work. For trade and industry. For the building site and the workshop.


Soft copper pipes, also thin-walled Ø 10 – 22 mm

Ø ⅜ – ⅞", s ≤ 1 mm

Coated soft copper tubes Ø 10 – 18 mm Ø ⅜ – ⅝", s ≤ 1 mm

Pipes of pressfitting systems made of:

stainless steel, nickel steel Ø 12 – 22 mm, s ≤ 1.2 mm

Soft, coated carbon steel Ø 12 – 18 mm, s ≤ 1.2 mm

Soft precision steel tubes Ø 10 – 22 mm, s ≤ 1.5 mm

Multi-layer composite tubes Ø 14 – 32 mm


Universal use

For sanitary, heating, air conditioning, refrigerating and hydraulic applications.

Also for copper thin-walled heating tubes according to EN 1057 and for tubes

of pressfitting systems.


Cost advantage

Bender recovered after a few bends through savings on fittings. No costs for

fittings, storage, procurement. Savings in soldering joints, pressing joints and

working hours. Higher safety thanks to fewer pipe joints.



Robust, compact drive unit with closed, maintenance-free hydraulic system.

Handy and light, only 2.4 kg. Can be used anywhere, even in confi ned spaces.

Easy, quick working, e.g. Ø 22 mm copper pipe bend in just 18 s. Marked bending

formers for exact bending. Crossover, swan-neck, reverse bends possible. Easy

and rapid changing of bending formers. Back former support H-S Ø 10 – 26 mm,

rotatable according to the size of the pipe to be bent, with back formers for pipes

Ø 10 – 26 mm, ⅜ – ⅞". Back former support Ø 32 mm with back formers for pipes Ø 32 mm.


Bending formers and sliding pieces

In high-strength, high-slide, glass-fibre reinforced polyamide.


Oil-hydraulic drive unit with hydraulic cylinder made from high-quality, rolled

hydraulic tube. Ergonomically designed thrust lever for strength saving pressure

build-up with manual hydraulic pump. Reliable hydraulic thrust with overload

protection in the foremost piston position and overpressure valves for safe working.

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HYDRO Swing Sets
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