REMS Akku-Curvo

Cordless Tube Bender

 REMS Akku-Curvo – wrinkle-free bending of pipes.
Universal for many pipe types. Ready to use immediately without setting.
Fast and creep speed 
with immediate stop for precise bending.
Quick change of bending and back formers.

Hard, half-hard, soft copper tubes also thin-wall Ø 10 – 28 mm Ø ⅜ – 1⅛"
Coated soft copper tubes, also thin-wall Ø 10 – 18 mm
Thick-walled copper pipes K65 for refrigeration and air conditioning technology EN 12735-1 Ø ⅜ – 1⅛"
Pipes of press fitting systems made of stainless steel Ø 12 – 28 mm
Carbon steel, also coated Ø 12 – 28 mm
Soft precision steel tubes Ø 10 – 28 mm
Steel pipes EN 10255 Ø ¼ – ½"
Electric conduit EN 50086 Ø 16 – 25 mm

Multi-layer composite tubes Ø 14 – 32 mm

Universal use

For sanitary, heating, air conditioning, refrigerating and hydraulic applications.

Mains independent. Specially suited for tubes of pressfitting systems, for hard

and half-hard copper tubes and for thin-walled copper heating tubes according

to EN 1057.

System advantage

Only one type of bending and back formers for REMS Akku-Curvo, REMS Curvo

and REMS Sinus. Therefore simple, inexpensive stocking. No confusion possible.

Cost advantage

Bender cost recovered after a small number of bends. No costs for fittings,

storage, procurement. Savings in soldering joints, pressing joints and working

hours. Higher safety thanks to fewer pipe joints.


Compact, handy electric tool with integral absorbtion of torque during bending.

Super light, drive machine with battery pack weights only 8.6 kg. Electronic

charging status check with low discharge protection. Proven D-shaped handle.

Can be used anywhere, anytime. No setting. Simple, effortless, fast working,

e.g. 90° bend Ø 22 mm only 7 s. Fast and creep speed with immediate stop

for precise bending. Cross over, swan-neck, U-bends possible. Height adjustable

machine support as accessory.

Bending formers and back formers

Form and pressure resistant, in high-strength, high-slide, glass-fi bre reinforced

polyamide. Optimum matching of bending former and back former guarantees

material-compatible gliding without cracks and creases. Angle scale 0 to 180°

provided on each bending former and mark on the back former ensure precise

bending Rapid change of bending formers and back formers. Bending formers

and back formers for different sizes, materials and bending radii.


Robust, maintenance-free gear. Final point safety in both directions through safety

slipping clutch. Powerful battery motor 18 V, with large power reserve, 500 W

output. Right and left-hand rotation. Stepless electronic safety switch for fast and

creep speed, with immediate stop.

Li-Ion PLUS technology

Highly resistant Li-Ion 18 V battery with 3.0 Ah capacity, for long service life.

Powerful and light. Total discharge and overload protection with single cell

monitoring. Temperature monitoring during the charging process. Operating

temperature range – 10 to + 60 °C. No memory effect for maximum battery power.

Rapid charger for short charging times.

Bending lubricant

REMS bending spray ensures a permanent lubricating fi lm for reducing energy

expenditure and uniform bending. High-pressure-proof, acid-free. CFC-free,

so ozone-harmless.

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REMS Akku-Curvo
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