REMS CamScope

Endoscope Camera with Wi-Fi Radio Signal Transmission

REMS CamScope

Mobile, handy endoscope camera with Radio Signal Transmission
for low cost inspection and damage analysis of places with difficult
access such as cavities, shafts, pipes etc.

Documentation of photos and videos on MicroSD card.  
For battery and mains operation. Camera head Ø 4.5 / 9 / 16mm
REMS CamScope – Brilliant pictures and videos of cavities, shafts and pipes.
Removable controller 
unit. Radio signal transmission MicroSD card slot. 


Supplied in Kit

Set 9-1 Camera cable set Color 9-1, consisting of colour camera

Ø 9mm, 640 × 480 pixels, with dimmable white light LEDs and

fixed focus function and 1m formable push cable. Add-on mirror,

add-on hook, add-on magnet.



Ultra light and handy. Hand-held unit with camera cable set only 0.3 to 0.5kg.
Can be used everywhere, free hand, over head, also in very confined spaces
Sturdy, impact-proof plastic housing with ergonomically shaped handle. On/off
thumbwheel switch for continuous brightness control of the LEDs in the camera
head. Power LED for indicating the operating state. Practical, removable battery
holder for 4 commercially available 1.5 V, AA, LR6 batteries. Various camera
cable sets can be used. Plug-screw connections for changing the camera cable
sets and the push cable extensions without tools. Sturdy case for hand-held unit,
camera cable set 16-1/9-1/4.5-1, push cable extension, controller unit, voltage
supply/charger and accessories.


Controller unit with TFT-LCD colour display
Controller unit with 3.5" colour display with state of the art TFT-LCD technology for
brilliant pictures and videos, 89 mm screen diagonal, 320 × 240 pixels, removable
for radio signal transmission or securely pluggable to hand-held unit for direct
signal transmission by contact pins. Very light and handy: REMS CamScope only
0.14 kg. Sturdy plastic housing, spray water protected.
Small dimensions: 
REMS CamScope 102 × 71 × 25 mm. 
MicroSD card slot. Photos and videos can be saved on a MicroSD card for simple
documentation of the inspection result. REMS. 3x digital zoom. The date and time
of the recording can be saved in the photo and video as an option. Immediate
playback of saved recordings or transmission to other devices via MicroSD card.
USB connector for direct connection to PC or laptop. Video output socket
Composite-Video PAL/NTSC for connecting an external monitor. Connection
for voltage supply/charger Li-Ion 100 – 240 V.

Cordless and mains operation
Li-Ion technology. Controller unit with integrated Li-Ion 3.7 V, 1.2 Ah battery.
Powerful and light. High energy density for approx. 2 hours continuous operation.
Voltage supply 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 9 W, for mains operation instead of battery
with integrated electronic Li-Ion charger. No memory effect for maximum battery

Exchangeable camera cable set Color
Camera cable set Color, consisting of colour camera Ø 4.5 mm, Ø 9 mm or
Ø 16 mm, with CMOS sensor with dimmable white light LEDs for optimum setting
of the brightness and fi xed focus function for automatic picture focus, protected
against occasional immersion in water (IP 67). Camera cable set Color 16-1 and
9-1 with 1 m flexible push cable and add-on mirror, add-on hook, add-on magnet.
Camera cable set Color 4.5-1 with 1 m flexible push cable, ideal for inspecting
small pipe bends and narrow places, e.g. odour traps, bore holes, breakthroughs.
Flexible 900 mm push cable extension, connectable up to a working length of
4.5 m, as an accessory. Camera cable set Color 16-1 90°, with right-angled colour
camera Ø 16 mm, 640 × 480 pixels, with 1 m flexible push cable, as an accessory.

R175111 P0004-989-570-963-262-695-64-754
REMS CamScope
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