REMS Mini Cobra

Drain Cleaner for Manual & Electric Operation

REMS Mini Cobra

LENGTH: 360mm
WEIGHT: 3.31kg

Electric pipe cleaning device with fast switchover. For effortless and quick application to remove
pipe blockages in kitchen, bath, toilet. For pipes Ø 20 – 50 (75) mm
For cables Ø 8, 10 mm REMS Mini-Cobra S – Fast clearance of pipe blockages.
Ultra fast reversal of direction 
of spiral feed/return by fast switchover.

Supply format
REMS Mini-Cobra S. Electric pipe cleaning device with fast switchover, for pipes
Ø 20–50 (75) mm. For drain cleaning cables Ø 8 and 10 mm. Drive unit with
maintenance-free gear, universal motor 230 V or 110 V, 50–60 Hz, 600 W, high torque
forward and reverse at low speed. Safety tip switch. Stepless, electronic
speed control (acceleration switch). Cable drum in shock-proof, glass-fibre
reinforced plastic. Cable Ø 8 mm , with core, 7.5 m long. In a carton.

Compact unit of drive machine and cable drum. Handy, light. Only 5.7 kg.
Combined thrust and grip handle for controlling the automatic feed-forward
and reverse and for safe holding of the unit. Easy operation also in traps
and tight bends.

Fast switchover
For easy operation and fast clearance of pipe blockages. Ultra fast reversal
of direction of spiral feed/return by fast switchover also under full load without
changing the motor’s direction of rotation, avoids looping of the spirals when
suddenly encountering resistance from pipe blockages, for long life of the spirals
(Patent EP 3 059 022).

Drain cleaning cables
Drain cleaning cables in high quality spring steel. Specially hardened. Highly
fl exible for effortless feed-forward in tight pipe bends. Cable end with bulbous
head (sink strainer head), thus easy to bend. Drain cleaning cables with core in
high quality spring steel prevents ingress of dirt and generation of long fibres in
the cable windings.

Cable drum
Corrosion resistant cable drum in shock-proof, glass-fi bre reinforced plastic
prevents pollution of the environment. Ventilation of the cable drum interior
enables self-drying of cable. View of the cable at any time.

Proven drive unit with hexagon mount. Enormously powerful. Robust, maintenance-
free gear with safety slipping clutch. Universal motor, 600 W, high-torque
forward and reverse at low speed. Stepless, electronic speed control. The
speed between 0 and 550 rpm is controlled by pressing the tip switch steplessly
(acceleration switch).

REMS Mini Cobra
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