Pressing Tongs & Rings

Pressing Tongs & Rings
Find your pressfitting system in the table BROCHURE LINK here:


and choose the size of pressing tongs/pressing rings that you require.
*Please note that pressfitting 
systems for gas installation may only be
pressed with the pressing tongs/pressing 
rings which are highlighted
in yellow in the table. Intermediate tongs (page 170 in attached brochure)

are necessary for driving the REMS pressing rings (PR).

Highly durable pressing tongs/pressing rings made of tenacious, specially hardened
special steel. Pressing contours of REMS pressing tongs/pressing rings
are system-specific and correspond with the respective pressfitting system. Thus
perfect system-conformity, safe press jointing. Pressing jaws of pressing tongs/
pressing rings manufactured on CNC production centres ensure high-precision
machining of pressing contour. Low production tolerances as a result.
Drive through all REMS radial presses (except for REMS Mini-Press ACC, REMS
Mini-Press 22 V ACC and REMS Mini-Press S 22 V ACC) and suitable radial
presses of other makes. All pressing tongs marked with * have an optional
connection (Patent EP 1 223 008, Patent US 6,739,172) for manual drive
through the radial press REMS Eco-Press. Read and follow the installation and
assembly instructions of the system provider/manufacturer.

REMS pressing tongs
REMS pressing tongs with 2 swivellable monoblock pressing jaws. Most sold
standard version. REMS ACz, Fz, RFz, RFIz pressing tongs with teeth prevent
formation of burr on the pressing sleeve (Patent EP 2 027 971).
REMS pressing tongs (4G)

REMS pressing tongs (4G) with two pivoted, parallel aligned pressing segments
for linear pressing of midsize dimensions.

REMS pressing tongs (S)
REMS pressing tongs (S) with one fixed and two pivoted pressing segments,
for midsize dimensions.

REMS pressing rings (PR-3S)
REMS pressing ring (PR-3S) with 3 swivellable pressing segments mounted
on a jointed ring for large dimension complex pressings. Ideal pressing through
radially controlled movement of pressing segments, with adapter tongs.

REMS pressing rings (PR-3B)
REMS pressing rings (PR-3B) with 3 pressing segments for high quality,
large dimension pressings Optimum pressing by radially controlled movement
of the pressing segments with adaptor tongs.

REMS pressing rings 45° (PR-2B)
REMS pressing ring 45° (PR-2B), with 2 pressing jaws, for secure engagement
of the pressing jaws in places of difficult access by 45° inclination (Patent EP
2 774 725). Drive with adapter tongs.

Traceability according to EN 1775:2007
REMS pressing tongs/pressing rings with pressing contour F, M, V, SA, B, RN
and UP have worked a specific marking into the pressing contour which leaves
a lasting impression on the pressed fitting after the pressing process. This enables
the user to check again whether the most suitable pressing tongs or the suitable
pressing ring have been used to make the pressfit connection even after the
pressing process.
With this traceability REMS fulfils the recommendations of the European standard
EN 1775:2007 for the installation of pressfitting systems for gas.

Pressing Tongs & Rings
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