RM560027 - REMS Tiger ANC VE

Electric Reciprocating Pipe Saw

Tiger ANC VE

The saw for the pipe fitter.
Saws effortless, fast, right angle. Robust and handy.
Powerful, robust, handy power tool with force-transmitting guide holder for effortless,
fast, right-angled sawing everywhere on site, without a vice. Also for universal

free-hand sawing. Only 3.0 kg. Ideal for assembly, 
dismantling, repair.

Ideal for steel pipes and others. Many materials, e.g. wood, wood with nails, pallets,
metal, even stainless steel, cast iron, breeze blocks, plaster boards, pumice stone, brick.

For materials that are difficult to cut, e.g. stainless steel pipes, hard cast iron,
use the REMS Tiger ANC SR 
with electronic stroke speed control.

Supply format

REMS Tiger ANC VE Set. Electric reciprocating pipe saw with Vario-Electronic
for effortless, fast, right angle sawing with guide support and for free-hand sawing.
Drive unit with D-shape handle, maintenance-free, water and dust resistant
oscillating drive with allround needle bearing mounted crank drive (ANC),
aggressive orbital action, powerful universal motor 230 V or 110 V, 50 – 60 Hz,
1050 W, safety tip switch. Electronic stepless speed control (acceleration switch)
0 to 2,400 rpm. Universal saw blade clamp. Hexagon key. Guide support 2".
2 pcs. REMS special saw blades 2"/140-3,2. In sturdy steel case.

Power-transferring guide support
400% additional sawing force for effortless, super fast sawing, e.g. 2" steel pipe
in only 8s. For assembly and dismantling. Guide support with five-fold force
transmitting leverage allows effortless, fast, right angled sawing anywhere on site,
without a vice. Ideal handling, easy and rapid to operate, positioned with one
hand only for chucking and sawing. No loose swinging chain and cumbersome
handling as with chain vice. No danger of jamming by limitation of swing angle.
For optimum in-feed with guide support a straight machine handle is advantageous.

Right angle sawing
Right angle cut thanks to REMS guide support and REMS special saw blade.
Essential for subsequent operations in pipe installation.

REMS special saw blade
REMS special saw blade, extra thick, rigid and unbendable, double tang,
absolutely essential for right-angled sawing and fast disassembly of steel
pipes with force-transmitting guide holder.

REMS universal saw blade
Only 1 REMS universal saw blade for all sawing work instead of many different saw
blades. Double tang for free-hand sawing and sawing 
with guide holder.

REMS saw blades
Full range of REMS saw blades for free-hand sawing of different materials.

Universal saw blade clamp
All saw blades – with universal or double tang – can be clamped without
changing or turning the saw blade thrust piece.

Robust, job site-proven. Slender, handy design. Super light, only 3.0 kg. Can be
used anywhere. Ergonomically shaped front housing grip with slip resistant
protection cover for forceful feed forward during free-hand sawing. Choice of
practical D-shaped handle, advantageous during free-hand sawing, or straight
machine handle, advantageous during sawing with guide support. Swivel support
shoe for safe guiding of the saw on the material to be sawn. High sliding silicone
gasket protects gear against water and dust. Powerful universal motor with ample
reserve capacity, 1050 W respectively 1400 W (REMS Tiger ANC SR). Safety
tip switch. Choice of drive unit with fixed, ideal speed, electronic speed control
(Vario-Electronic) or electronic speed regulation. Overload protection (REMS Tiger
ANC) protects motor, gear and saw blade. The electronic tachometer speed
controller (REMS Tiger ANC SR) used for control keeps the preselected number
of strokes constant even under load and includes tachogenerator, electronic
control, start-up current limiter for soft start-up, overheating protection by temperature
monitoring of the fi eld winding of the motor with PTC resistance (Positive
Temperature Coefficient) and blocking protection for gearbox and motor.

Sturdy, square lift rod
In special solid steel, mounted precisely in needle bearings towards the force
direction and along the complete stroke length, for distortion-free, precise cutting
also during tough use. For extremely long service life. Drive rod runs in an
enclosed housing for safe work.

Oscillating drive with ANC
Super stable, water and dust resistant, maintenance-free oscillating drive
for simultaneous generation of sawing stroke and orbital action of lift rod and
saw blade. Allround needle bearing mounted crank drive (ANC) reduces friction,
heat generation, wear. For long service life of drive also at extreme sawing.

Aggressive orbital action
Aggressive orbital action by vertical hacking motion of saw blade provides forceful,
fast forward feed, excellent chip fl ow and long service life of saw blades. Fixed
orbital action, running in needle bearings, ensures long-lasting and forceful sawing
also during extreme load conditions, e.g. sawing of steel pipe. Adjustable mechanisms
with a great variety of parts and a reduced system stability do not withstand
the high feed forward pressure and the heavy-duty requirements of forceful cutting
of steel pipes, particularly when a guide support with leverage is being used.

Electronic stepless speed control of drive unit for sensitive start-sawing and
for speed selection during sawing according to the material. Also for plunge-cut
sawing. The stroke speed can be continuously controlled by variable pressure
on the safety switch from 0 to 2,400 rpm (accelerator switch).

RM560027 - REMS Tiger ANC VE
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