GRAF EcoBloc

GRAF EcoBloc

Graf EcoBloc - Infiltration Cells

GRAF EcoBloc - Infiltration Cells

The Graf EcoBloc drainage cell and water infiltration system is a cost effective solution for small to large scale in-ground water tanks suitable for water retention, water detention and rainwater harvesting.

The modular nature of the tanks allows the flexibility to match the length, width and height of the available space on site. A wide range of accessories allow for single or multiple inspection points, access for cleaning and variable height rotating hatches. Height extenders, infiltration strainers, trafficable lids and variable orifice plates complete the total storm water management package.

• Marketing leading high storage volumes (3 x standard gravel infiltration trenches)
• Easily installed with endless configurations to suit each and every site
• Vehicle load bearing up to 60 tons
• Up to 97% effective storage capacity
• Installation depth of up to 5 metres
• Large range of accessories including a flexible adjusting / rotating shaft system
• In addition the system is available in three primary configurations:
• EcoBloc Light – maximizes storage capacity for low load applications
• EcoBloc Inspect Flex – flexible access options for inspection allowing for ease of inspection and high pressure cleaning
• EcoBloc Maxx – strongest possible configuration: maximum depth installation of 5m with up to 60 tons load bearing capacity.
• Service life of over 50 years,
• Installation depth of up to 5 metres

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Graf EcoBloc - Infiltration Cells
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